2021 Rotorua Marathon Build-up...

Full Half Description


Week 1Rot-Wk1-Half.jpg

Sunday 30 January: Week 01; 21 km. Hillsborough, here we come! 15 km for non-marathoners - and you are spared Hillsborough.

Week 1Rot-Wk02-Full.jpg

Week 2Rot-Wk02-Half.jpg

Sunday 06 February: Week 02; 23 km. One Tree Hill, Orakei Basin & Tamaki Dr. 15 km for non-marathoners.
eek 2Rot-Wk03-Full.jpg

Week 32Rot-Wk03-Half.jpg

Sunday 13 February: Week 03; 24 km. Coyle Park then Blockhouse Bay Rd and back across Auckland. With extra option of boardwalk in Westmere. 18 km for non-marathoners.
ek 4Rot-Wk04-Full.jpg

Week 4Rot-Wk04-Half.jpg

Sunday 20 February: Week 04; 26 km. Down to Onehunga and along the Manukau Coastal Walkway. 18 km for non-marathoners
Week 5Rot-Wk05-Full.jpg

Week 5Rot-Wk05-Half.jpg

Sunday 27 February: Week 05; 26.5 km. Through Newmarket to Avondale and back via NW motorway and Chinaman's hill. 18 km for non-marathoners, turn early onto Mt. Albert Road
Week 7Rot-Wk07-Full.jpg

Week 7Rot-Wk07-Half.jpg

Sunday 06 March: Week 06; 28.5 km. Penrose, Royal Oak, Mt Albert, Western Springs, and just as you think we're almost there we turn left at the top of Chinaman's Hill for a loop before home. 20 km for non-marathoners. Newmarket to Church Street and back to the Y.

Week 6Rot-Wk06-Full.jpg

Week 6Rot-Wk06-Half.jpg

Sunday 13 March: Week 07; 28 km. College Hill, out along the waterfront to Kohimarama, some hill training up to Kepa, back to the waterfront, then up THAT hill again. 20 km for non-marathoners; College Hill, out along the waterfront to Okahu Bay and back.

Week 8Rot-Wk08-Full.jpg

Week 8Rot-Wk08-Half.jpg

Sunday 20 March: Week 08; 32 km. It's our first 26-miler so a loop around Mangere Mountain. 22 km for half-marathoners it's out to Onehunga and back.
Week 9Rot-Wk09-Full.jpg

Week 9Rot-Wk09-Half.jpg

Sunday 27 March: Week 09; Only" 27 km today but with a nasty climb over Mt Wellington in the middle. Just remember, "hills are my friend!". 20 km for half-marathoners, turn left on Burt and head home via Marua and Remuera Roads.
Week 10Rot-Wk10-Full.jpg

Week 10Rot-Wk10-Half.jpg

Sunday 03 April: Week 10; 33 km. One for the Westies, way out Te Atatu way and back past the cemetary. Oh, and there might be one or two hills. 22 km for half-marathoners, out to Rosebank Road and then turn for home.
Week 11Rot-Wk11-Full.jpg

Week 11Rot-Wk11-Half.jpg

Sunday 07 April: Week 11; 27 km. A big loop out Hillsborough way and Penrose via One Tree Hill.20 km for half-marathoners, out Mt. Roskill, 3 Kings and home via Manukau Road.
Week 12Rot-Wk12-Full.jpg

Week 12Rot-Wk12-Half.jpg

Sunday 14 April: Week 12; Glen Innes via Tamaki Drive both ways. 22 km for half-marathoners, St. Heliers and back.
Week 13Rot-Wk13-Full.jpg

Week 13Rot-Wk13-Half.jpg

Sunday 21 April: Week 13; 26 km. Halsey Drive, Lynfield. Hills galore! 18 km for half-marathoners.
Week 14Rot-Wk14-Full.jpg

Week 14Rot-Wk14-Half.jpg

Sunday 28 April: Week 14; 16 km. Tamaki Yacht Club & back. Yep, a nice taper for the last week of the build-up. 12 km for half-marathoners, Royal Akarana Yatch Club.
Week 15Rot-Mrtn-Full.jpg

Week 15Rot-Mrth-Half.jpg

Saturday 04 May: Week 15; 42.2 km or 21.1, your choice. Today is what is all been for - good luck to all.