YMCA 10K Championships

Sunday 07 July 2019


Get your lightweight racing shoes on; it’s time for our very own 10k champs.

Runners, we will meet at the club as per normal (8:00am at Pitt Street) so that there will be short warm up to the start area for registration and a start at 8:30am. 

Walkers, make your own way to the start area for a start at 8:00am.

The start will be from O’Hagans and we will use the O'Hagan's course (Map shown).

It’s flat so potentially fast!

If you are keen to get a few extra Ks still come and join us for the 10k champs and then tag on a few extra Ks afterwards. As proven many a time by our very own Gene Rand this is great training regime for the marathon and a great way to support the club.